Logic Regression

Logic regression is a (generalized) regression methodology that is primarily applied when most of the covariates in the data to be analyzed are binary. The goal of logic regression is to find predictors that are Boolean (logical) combinations of the original predictors. For more information follow the link basic information about the methodology .

On this page you can information about downloading the software for logic regression and find the basic information you need to run the software. Logic regression is available as an R package. R is a freely available statistical software. The core of the logic regression code has been translated into Fortran, which is called from the R command line. Please click on the appropriate link to find out more.

The R version of the software is now available from CRAN [LogicReg], For the S version of the software, follow the link below.

basic information about the methodology
basic info about the available software
download and install the software[R ==> CRAN package LogicReg]
write your own scoring functions
check out the help files [html]
download the help files [pdf]
an example to check out

The current version of the code is 1.3.1 dated December 15, 2004 [S-Plus] and 1.4.12 date February 14, 2012 [R].

The Logic Regression methodology was developed by Ingo Ruczinski, Charles Kooperberg, and Michael LeBlanc at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. The software was implemented by Ingo Ruczinski and Charles Kooperberg. Logic Regression is available as Free Software under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License in source code form.

For questions please contact Ingo Ruczinski or Charles Kooperberg .