Statistical Modeling with Spline Functions: Methodology and Theory

Mark H. Hansen, University of California at Los Angeles,
Jianhua Z. Huang, Texas A&M University,
Charles Kooperberg, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center,
Charles J. Stone, University of California at Berkeley,
Young K. Truong, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

These are draft chapters of a monograph which we have worked on from 1999 through 2005. The monograph discusses polynomial splines, their use in extended linear modeling, and theoretical properties of such spline models. The monograph is currently incomplete. In particular:

Nevertheless, we believe that parts of this monograph may be useful. This material may or may not be revised in the future.

All chapters are copyright by M.H. Hansen, J. Z. Huang, C. Kooperberg, C. J. Stone, and Y. K. Truong.